Jerry Harbottle is on a roll again!

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Jerry Harbottle downs a great Colorado Muzzy buck!


Jerry Harbottle is once again in the spotlight!  He continues to harvest monsters deer ever year! I asked him what his secret was to killing some of the countries largest mulies every year and he stated ” It’s my watch.  I flash them with the watch and they can’t stand it.  It drives them crazy and they have to come and check it out”.  Well I don’t don’t know what to believe….He keeps smacking the big ones so he is doing something right.  Watch or not…He shot this one at 25 yards.  I think I’m going to get me one of those big fancy watches one day!  Keep up the great work Jerry.  I’m looking forward to a story here in the near future.  Congrats big guy!

Short G2’s  I don’t know if I would have shot it.  Should have let it grow another year…

 Love the mass and the eye guards. 204 inch gross mulie with the smoke pole.


Oregon Produces a 221 4/8 Monster

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Jerry Harbottle sent me over these pictures and a quick story about his awesome 2010 Oregon buck. Congrats Jerry on a great couple of years. You are defiantly an Antler Junkie!


I have hunted Eastern Oregon for mule deer for the past two year with some really good friends of mine.  I was fortunate enough this year to harvest this buck on the second day of the hunt.  After a 20 minute stalk, we worked our way to within 300 yards of the buck.  We belly crawled the last 50 yards cresting the  knob and were 300 yards across a canyon from the buck.

I had the buck in my scope for what seemed to be 20 minutes, but was actually only 2 or 3.  The buck stood motionless facing our direction.  He knew something was not quite right.  Knowing that older bucks will often do the “turn and bound away” in one motion, we decided I better shoot now! At the shot, the buck collapsed in his tracks.

What a great couple of years I have had. This buck is the icing on the cake, a true buck of a lifetime!

I am very proud of this buck as it is truly the buck of a lifetime for me. I have shot a number of nice bucks over the years including 204 inch non-typical and 197 inch typical in Colorado with my muzzle-loader over the past two years.  For me, hunting with friends that are equally passionate about hunting is what it is all about.  The quest for truly trophy animals keeps us striving for new goals every year.  My Oregon buck unofficially green scores 221 4/8 inches gross and has 16 scorable points.

An Awesome buck with mass, trash, and a droptine to boot!