A couple huge archery mule deer!

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Seems this could be the year of the archer!


Here are a couple of my favorite deere that have been harvested this year!  The first is Randy Ulmer’s Nevada buck.  Randy is no stranger to killing huge mule deer with his bow!  For year he hunted with Greg Krogh and killed some of Nevadas biggest deer.  Don’t know much about the deer other than it was harvested in Nevada.  As I here more I will let you know!  Congrats goes out to one of My idols  Randy Ulmer!

Randy Ulmer is no stranger to posing behind huge mule Deer!

The second buck I know absolutely nothing about!  I do know that it is Thomas Baker behind the deer!  I’m assuming he was the guide and the deer was taking in Wyoming.  Just a Guess as Thomas talks up what he can do in Wyoming.  Maybe he finally got it done. I really like the width, mass and stickers on  this buck.  The mass and width make it one of my early favorites so far this year!

I just want to know where the Jack Russell is?

Krogh and Ulmer hook up Again!

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 Greg Krogh – Mogollon Rim Outfitters

Greg & randy 2007 NevadaFeatured Outfitter Greg Krogh


In July of 07 I was heading to Nevada with My wife and family to start scouting for Randy Ulmers archery mule deer hunt. The whole drive over I was preoccupied with the thought of a buck that had eluded us the year before. I had glassed him up during the actual hunt the year before on opening day, but by the time I went and got Randy and made it back to my glassing knob he had disappeared. Feeding right in the same general area was another great buck with a big hook cheater and awesome mass. I told Randy it wasn’t the same buck and he opted to pass and keep looking for the bigger buck. After three days the bigger buck never showed himself, so Randy decided to take the other big buck with the hook cheater.Ulmer 2006 Nevada

Randy and his awesome 2006 Nevada buck! Outfitter Greg Krogh of Mogollon Rim Outfitters 

 While still a great buck, I was anxious for the 07 season to arrive so I could spend some time looking for he phantom buck that disappeared on us.


After setting up camp I got to get in an early evening glass, but was unable to locate the buck. 4 days later and I still hadn’t turned him up, so I decided to start looking for some other bucks. After another couple of days I still hadn’t been able to turn up any bucks that I knew Randy would be interested in. On the drive back to AZ I called Randy and told him the bad news. We considered selling the tag and canceling the hunt, but ultimately he decided he would take his chances and I scheduled one more scouting trip the last week of July, one week before the season opener. 


On this last scouting trip a good friend of mine Dave Jenkins decided that he would come along and help. We left the day after Dave’s Retirement party. During the drive over we talked about what Dave was going to do with al his newfound free time, but I was preoccupied once again by the phantom buck that had disappeared into thin air the year before. I just knew he was there somewhere, and I was just missing him.Ulmer-Dave 2007 Nevada 

 Dave Jenkins holds Randy Ulmers 2007 Nevada Buck

We spent the next few days on the south end of the unit, but once again couldn’t find any great bucks.  Before we knew it, it was three days before the opener and I hadn’t found a single buck for Randy to hunt. I decided to head back once again to the area were I had last seen the big buck 12 months earlier. It was early afternoon and Dave and I were huddled under an umbrella the Dave had packed out to our glassing point. As we sat there glassing, I was apologizing to Dave for making fun of him for packing an umbrella up the mountain. As soon as the rain cleared I glassed up the outline of what looked like a big buck in a real thick burned patch of mahogany. Every time he turned or moved his head I got glimpses of a lot of bone. We excitedly made our way over to a closer vantage point 3/ 4 of a mile across the canyon from the buck. I just had this feeling it was the very buck I had seen the year before. He was even in the same canyon 400 yards from where he had disappeared the year before. Once we got set up and started to pick apart the opposite ridge, our excitement turned to disappointment. For the next two hours, we searched but never could relocate the buck. Finally, the sun hit his antlers just right and gave away his location. He was bedded not fifty yards from where we had last seen him, but the thick growth made it very difficult to see him. Soon after he stood up and stretched and we were able to get a great look at him and he was definitely the buck we were looking for. He was about 30 inches wide, with a 200-inch main frame and four outside cheaters.


 I couldn’t believe our good fortune, I had finally relocated the buck, and the hunt was starting in just two days. That night at Camp I called Randy and told him the great news.

Thankfully, the next morning Dave and I found the buck again and watched him until noon. I left Dave to keep an eye on the buck and I headed back to Camp to see if Randy had arrived. When I got there I showed Randy some video and we tried to come up with a plan of the attack for the next morning.  Since Randy already knew the area well, because it was right where we had taken his buck the year before, he decided to stay back that afternoon and double check all of his equipment for the next mornings opener. I headed back up the mountain to meet Dave and watch the buck until dark. The buck was hanging really tight on the thick ridge, and hadn’t traveled more than a couple hundred yards in two days. Everything seemed to be looking like a slam-dunk.


We had the whole area to ourselves opening day, but one thing or another kept us from getting the buck killed. The good news was that the buck was still right there and he had no idea we were even hunting him, despite the fact that Randy was within close range twice, unable to get a shot off because of obscured shooting lanes. Day two and three were much of the same, but we were starting to get closer. Early on day four I glassed up the buck really early and he was leaving the bachelor herd of bucks that had been making it so difficult to get close to him. Shortly after sun up I watched in disbelief as he bedded all by himself 45 yard below a rocky ridge line .We knew this was a golden opportunity, and Randy quickly made the mile long circle to get behind the rocky ridge. I watched through binoculars as Randy’s head appeared along the ridge directly above the bedded buck. He quietly settled in and the long wait began. Twice in the next 3 hours he stood up, only to quickly bed back down again without offering any shot opportunity. Finally, after watching for five straight hours, the buck stood up around high noon and took four or five steps into a little opening to feed and stretch. At the top of my field of view in my binos I could make out Randy readying himself for the shot.  As the buck quartered away from him to feed on some brush I watched as he slowly came to full draw. I shifted my focus back to the buck’s ribs just in time to see the arrow hit its mark. The buck broke into a dead run for twenty yards and then piled up. Finally, after 12 long months, everything had come together and the giant buck was down. When I made it over to Randy the celebration began. With awesome mass, long tines and multiple extras, he was definitely worth the time and effort.


Ulmer 2007 NevadaRandy Ulmer with his 2007 Nevada buck.  Guide was Greg Krogh of Mogollon Rim Outfitters.





The Payback Buck

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GREG KROGH, Featured Outfitter

Mogollon Rim Outfitters

The Payback Buck

 by Greg Krogh  (Mogollon Rim Outfitters)


The Payback Buck The story of this buck goes back to three years ago when Randy Ulmer spotted the largest typical mule deer he had ever seen. Randy graciously told me about the buck and gave me the green light to hunt him with my clients that year. However we never were able to find the buck again that fall so Randy and I both applied for the tag the following year. Believe it or not I beat the odds and drew the tag! On the second day of the season I was able to harvest the buck and he was everything Randy said he was and then some. I now had, what I felt, was a nearly impossible debt to pay and that, is where this story begins…….038

Greg Krogh with one of the largest net typical velvet bucks ever harvested!


A few days after taking my buck I drove over to a neighboring unit to spend some time scouting for my rifle deer hunts. I had been glassing for two days in an area where I had jumped a real nice non-typical during the year prior. I had seen some pretty good bucks but nothing too great. Truth be told, I was still basking in the afterglow of my archery hunt when suddenly I noticed some movement under a big burned cedar tree. I was a long way off but I thought it was a buck’s rack. What intrigued me most was the apparent rack was 100 yards from the rim rock where I had jumped the nontypical the year before. Just as I was convincing myself that I was imagining it, the buck rose from his bed and walked out in the open. I wasn’t sure if it was the same buck from the year before, but regardless I knew he was something very special. I quickly got some video of the buck before he walked out of view. I couldn’t believe it, it was opening weekend of the archery deer season and there was nobody hunting this buck. For two days I filmed the buck and by then I was confident nobody knew about him.

With nobody to share my excitement except my non-hunting wife and twin 1-year-old daughters, Randy finally returned my countless calls. He had been hunting sheep in Wyoming and after hearing about that, I proceeded to tell him that we had a buck for him to hunt next year that would definitely settle up our debt. After I got done telling him, in detail, about the buck he said he would have to see it to believe it. One week later in our elk camp I showed the video to Randy and then the long one-year wait began.

An eternity later, August rolled around and found Randy and I once again in Nevada searching for the buck. It was four days before the season opener and the buck hadn’t been spotted since the prior year. I was glassing from the same knob were I had previously located the buck on prior years but this time we were having no luck finding him or any other deer for that matter. I was starting to get that sinking feeling that maybe he hadn’t returned this year, when I decided to look one last time down below me where I had first seen the buck two years ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes when my binoculars settled in on the buck chewing his cud, bedded under a tree eight hundred yards away. He was facing straight away from me and I counted twelve points per side. That’s when the uncontrollable shakes started. I tried to film him and it took several minutes for me to hold the camera steady. After getting some good video, I slipped off the backside of the mountain to go back to camp and tell Randy the news. When I arrived in camp there was nobody around. I had just found the buck of a lifetime and I had nobody to show it to. After several hours Randy returned from scouting and I showed him the video. The look on his face was priceless. After the initial excitement subsided, we came up with a plan of attack. The next three days were the longest of my life as we spent every waking hour watching and patterning the buck. Every time the buck bedded, I would take a nap and dream of what it was going to be like to eventually see the buck up close and hold his rack. I can’t explain why but I was just sure we were going to harvest this buck. I think my biggest source of confidence came from knowing that Randy was going to be the shooter. I have been lucky enough to go on numerous hunts with Randy over the years and there is nobody better. Everyone knows he can shoot a bow but his stalking and hunting skills are what set him apart from everyone else that I have ever hunted with. As confident as I was Randy had to keep being the voice of reason over the next couple of days and reminded me often that this wasn’t a done deal and that it was still a bow hunt.greg-randy-pib-comp

Randy Ulmer on another successful hunt with Greg Krogh of Mogollon Rim Outfitters!


On the evening before opening day we had finally come up with a plan. For days the buck hadn’t traveled more than a couple hundred yards and he always chose his bedding area below a jagged peak that gave him a great view of any approach from below, while the wind currents tumbled over the top behind him would warn him of any danger from above. His water source was a spring 150 yards below him and there was surrounded by feed. The good news was that we could locate him everyday with relative ease, but the bad news was that we couldn’t figure out a way to kill him where he was. We finally decided to patiently wait the buck out for as long as it took until he made a mistake. Our main concern was that if we bumped him he might disappear forever because he was surrounded by thick country. We had hoped that by one of us watching from afar (me) and Randy several hundreds yards away waiting, we would be ready when the buck slipped up and left his secluded fortress. For days on end Randy would leave in the dark to get into position and after waiting all day he would return under the cover of darkness when the buck wouldn’t cooperate.

Finally, after seven long days of watching the buck, he left his secluded fortress and went over the top of the jagged peak into some rolling cut up country. He made his move right before dark and we didn’t have any choice but to watch him disappear over the skyline and hope we could relocate him in the much more stalkable, yet thicker, country where he appeared to be headed.

The next morning found me glassing from a nearby peak while Randy patiently glassed the edge of the area we believed the buck to be in. After two hours of turning up nothing, my spirits started to drop. I was starting to second guess our decision to not stalk him when we had had the chance. Inwardly, I was starting to resent Randy. After all it was his idea to be patient. I had wanted him to try the stalk several times but he kept convincing me that odds were too low. If only he had the same confidence in his stalking abilities that I did. I couldn’t believe we had let the buck of a lifetime get away without pursuing him more aggressively. I had just about worked myself into a total frenzy where my whole world was crashing down when suddenly……there he was! He was bedded under a cedar tree chewing his cud without a care in the world. To top it all off, he was approachable from downwind with the cover of a ridge to within bow range.   

Time was now of the essence and Randy quickly circled the buck to get the wind right. The next time I saw him was when he slowly crept over the ridge. There were four smaller bucks that were with the giant, one of which was bedded 50 yards off to Randy’s left.  Fortunately, Randy spotted him before it was the other way around and the situation quickly turned into a waiting game. Soon all five bucks were up feeding towards Randy. At one point the big buck was painfully close, but he couldn’t draw because of the other bucks. Just when I thought the other bucks were going to get too close, they all turned and started feeding slowly away. I watched as Randy slowly closed the gap, only moving when all heads were down. As luck would have it, the big buck was the closest to Randy but he was facing straight away. My prayers were finally answered when he turned broadside to nibble on some brush. I watched through the binoculars as Randy drew his bow and took aim. The buck lunged forward at the impact and then turned and trotted straight at Randy before going down a short distance later. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I had been confident we would get him, but now that we had, I just couldn’t believe it was real. After joining up with Randy a short time later and holding onto the rack it all started to sink in.

Mogollon Rim Outfitters, Nevada 2007

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Story coming soon….


Greg Krogh (Mogollon Rim Outfiiters) successful again in Nevada.

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