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Muley Crazy Magazine joins MDC

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MuleyCrazy Magazine has firmly established an intimidating reputation as the absolute best hunting publication in the West!! A quote from renowned mule deer hunter Jay Gates, “On a scale from 1 to 10, MuleyCrazy Magazine is a 12!” From the avid to the average hunter, MuleyCrazy Magazine is formatted to satisfy the appetite in all mule deer nuts throughout the world. MuleyCrazy’s reader-friendly format is what many publications are starting to see as the standard of hunting literature.

The fast-paced easy to follow action is present from start to finish. Whether you love to read every story or just spend hours looking at big beautiful pictures, MuleyCrazy has developed a unique way to please both sides.

MuleyCrazy would like to extend a giant thank you to those of you who have submitted stories and pictures that have been featured in all the issues to date. Without the help of great people like you it would not be possible. Keep sending in those great stories of your exciting hunts, and those giant deer you hear about throughout the year and MuleyCrazy Magazine will keep sending you the best publication in the West!!


Jake Shea


Jake Shea and his 198 inch Idaho buck

Age: 36

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Favorite Hunting Method: Heavy glassing/archery spot and stalk

Jake was blessed to be raised in Idaho where there is so much opportunity to venture into the outdoors. He was introduced to hunting by family members before he was legally able to hunt. At the age of 12, Jake started hunting waterfowl along the Snake River Valley and rifle hunting mule deer in the beautiful Owyhee Mountains.  At the age of fourteen a neighbor family introduced Jake to the sport of archery hunting.  They took him along during archery deer and elk season.  Jake took a liking to the challenge of archery hunting.  It taught so much more about the animals that he pursued and patience by spending so much time waiting for the opportunity of a shot.

Jake believes in the fulfillment of the hunt whether it’s successful or not as long as you have a good time and get into the outdoors.  That is what really matters.  But for Jake there isn’t much that tops standing over a big old muley or bull elk after a successful shot.

Hunting has introduced Jake to several great people and has provided the opportunity to spend time on outings with family and friends.  In 2001, Jake was introduced to the Mule Deer foundation (MDF) thanks to Steve Alderman. Jake is a solid member and contributes as much as he can to the foundation to support conservation and preservation of wildlife.

Jake looks forward to introducing his three daughters into hunting as they grow older.  Jake’s very lovely and understanding wife holds down the fort during most of his hunting adventures but loves the outdoors as well.

Jake believes hunting is our heritage and is a brotherhood of friends and family that should live forever.  So,  his advice is to take a younger or older person hunting as often as possible and get involved with your local wildlife or conservation groups today.  Make a difference by helping to preserve what is ours today and insure it is there for future generations.


Coming soon…..greg-krogh-2008-az-strip-5Greg and his 2008 Arizona Mule deer.  The smile says it all!

Greg is the owner and operator of Mogollon Rim Outfiiters. Check out his site if you want your chance at a trophy of a life time.  Bio to come soon….


todd_blackTodd A. Black Utah State University—Black Timber Outfitters

Todd received is Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University in 1991 in Conservation/Wildlife Biology

His MS from Utah State University in 2007 in GIS and Remote Sensing, Todd is currently working on his PhD from USU in the Department of Wildland Resources where he will continue his interest in wildlife habitat selection and modeling using a GIS.

Throughout his career, Todd has worked as a wildlife biologist, environmental scientist, and GIS nerd for state and federal agencies as well as the private sector.

For the past 12 years he as worked at Utah State University as a research associate, project leader, and recently as an Extension Specialist where he works primarily with private landowners in Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit program and conducting sage-grouse research throughout Utah.

In 1993 Todd along with his 2 brothers and best friend started Black Timber Outfitters where they have been very successful in guiding/outfitting for deer, elk, lion, and bear in southeastern Utah.  As part of this effort they also have developed a successful film production company have produced 2 elk hunting DVDs and have had many of their clients shows air on various outdoor/hunting networks.

Todd eats, sleeps, and drinks mule deer.  From the time he was old enough to draw until now he thinks of little else besides his wife and kids and the occasional sage-grouse.  His wife reminds him every fall of his sick disease he has.

Todd A. Black

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