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Back to the Basics


I feel like, the older I get, the smarter I get.  I’m sure you can find people that would tell you I’m not getting any smarter, but what do they know? Most of them are still wearing their old, traditional camo clothing made from cotton, polyester, and even denim.  Over the last couple years, I have jumped on the band wagon and have been experimenting with some of these new high performance hunting clothing companies.  Let me tell you, there is some great high performance clothing for hunting on the market right now.


75 Degrees and the first Lite worked flawlessly!

One such company is a First Lite which is an industry leader out of the Sun Valley, Idaho area.  First Lite is one of the pioneers in high performance hunting clothing.  It all started by wearing merino wool clothing to give them added warmth and freedom of movement on the ski slopes.  They soon fell in love with the attributes of merino wool and wanted to use it on their hunting ventures. The problem was,  merino wool only came in black, so they were forced into wearing a cotton or polyester camouflage over their wool.  They had the same age old problem that most hunters have had.  All the warm clothing was big, bulky, heavy and didn’t breathe very well.  There is nothing worse than being sweaty, wet and cold while skiing and or hunting.  It is miserable and can even cause death!  The solution, start a company that builds state of the art hunting clothing out of merino wool in camouflage patterns.

As we all know it gets cold in Kansas in December! Well the First Lite work perfectly…


In 2007, Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson owners of First Lite, set out on a mission to create clothing that would breath, is light weight and would not restrict the athletes movement.   It all started on the ski slopes and moved into the hunting industry.  From earlier archery season to late season, if you are cold weather deer hunting, they have you covered.  First Lite addressed each of these concerns and faced them head on to come up with what I feel is the perfect combinations for all your hunting adventures.

Texas Mule deer hunting! It can be 60 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next, as was the case on the day I harvested this great buck.


Let’s talk about the most important part of your clothing, whether it is early season or late season which is the first layer of clothing next to your skin.  Layering your clothing is the most effective way to achieve the perfect body temperature control in any environment.   The best material to have next to your body, hands down, is merino wool.  Merino wool is much smoother, finer wool when compared to the wool of an ordinary sheep. Not even all merino sheep have wool that is suitable for clothing, especially if it is next to your body.  Only the best merino wool can be used.  Traditional wool, as we all know, is very warm and itchy.  Merino sheep have much softer, finer wool compared to that of their cousin.  These finer strands of Merino wool eliminate the nasty itch caused by traditional wool.  As a matter of fact, when I received my first order of First lite I had to check the collar to see what it was made of.  It did not feel like any other wool I had tried in the past.  It was soft, elastic and fairly light compared to that of other base layers on the market. The collar, to my surprise, read 100% merino wool.


A huge attribute to wool is its ability to wick away sweat from your body.  It has the ability to disperse sweat into the millions of fibers and rapidly dry your garment.  The best part about this is, you and your garment remain scent free for longer periods of time.  Body odor is caused by bacteria growing and feeding off your body sweat.  No sweat, no body odor, the wool evaporates and dries quickly not giving bacteria time to grow.  I have tested this very extensively!  These high performance first layers are not cheap, so the average guy can’t afford to run out and buy one for every day of the week.  One base layer is going to have to last you multiple days of wicking away sweat and staying scent free.  Take my word for it, this stuff is amazing and worth every penny.  As Jim Shockey would say (I hope he doesn’t have this trademarked yet) “I trust my life to it”; it’s that good.  With First Lite’s first layers I can guaranty you that you have a much better opportunity to survive a night or two out in the cold, than if you weren’t wearing it.


As you can see, I personally, used the heck out of the Llano top, a 170 gram interlocked fabric base layer and the Allegheny 230 gram, mid weight bottom this year.  I tested them from ten degrees to ninety degrees Fahrenheit, and they performed flawlessly. As a base layer or my only layer, First Lite’s merino wool passed everything I could throw at it, including a smell test.  After three days of climbing hills, sweating and filming deer in ninety degree plus temperatures, I took the shirt off and asked my wife to smell it and tell me what she thought.  After a funny look and cautious smell her response was “what, it doesn’t smell like anything” I then told her that I just had taking it off after abusing it for three days in the field.  Her response was ” Wow, we should get you more of this”  I don’t no what she meant by that, but maybe after 12 years of washing my stinky hunting clothes she was ready for a positive change in the smell of my dirty garments.

I truly believe in this product. How people you know will strip down to their undies to show support to a great product. That would be me!


One of my favorite attributes to this base layer is it’s ability to stretch in all directions and go right back to its original shape.  A traditional garment would look like an over sized shirt at the end of four or five days of wear. These are breathable and have an articulate cut that allows for less restriction during movement.  What else can I say about these undergarments, besides they are the best!  If you are not a long bottom kind of guy, you need to try their Red Desert Boxers.  They are the bomb!  They are cut and seams are placed to prevent chafing and rashes, that you would normally get from tradition underwear.  I find myself wearing them even when I’m not hunting.  They are comfy!

A great management buck! I put this gear through its paces and I feel in love with. You can’t go wrong with First Lite gear. You have my word on it!


First Lite has all of their clothing in many of the popular camouflage patterns available on the market today.  If you are not a fan of camo, they also have them in a number of solid colors.  With multiple garment configurations and fabric weights in their first layers there is no reason for your core to ever get cold again.


This is not a paid endorsement, just my personal beliefs on how great First Lite’s products are.


PRO’s:  The best of the best. Breathable, light weight, wicks away moisture, and helps you remain odorless longer. Their clothing is everything you could possibly need!  They have me hooked!

CON’s:  First Lite is a little on the pricey side, but worth every penny.  Other under garments that compete with First Lite are similarly priced.

PRODUCT: I would like to see them expand their product line!  Maybe something that is water proof.  If it’s not raining you will need nothing besides what they offer, except for an excuse to get out in the field.

COMPANY: These guys are great!  I stopped in during an archery deer hunt and they treated me as if they had known me for years. Small company, with small company values. Order your clothes early as they do run out of certain sizes and colors.  They do sell their clothing on the retail market, so it can be readily available in your area.  Ask your nearest retailer for First Lite clothing.


First Lite clothing on the cover of Muley Crazy Magazine!

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Local Ketchum company graces the cover of Muley Crazy Magazine!


First Lite in the spot light….

First Lite, A local Kethum company, hits it big time with the cover of Muley Crazy Magazine, sharing the cover with a 221 inch monster mule deer harvested in southern Utah.  I dropped in to the headquarters of First Lite the other day on my way to hunting camp and the guys were headed out the door to hunt for themselves.  they did stick around for an hour to show me the ropes and what they had on the plate for the upcoming year.  they are working on some great stuff.  Before I left I raided the selves that hid way back in the corner of the building, Didn’t think they would miss it much if they didn’t know it was there.  I grabbed a couple different under garments and a few hats.  I grabbed a Liano in the ASAT camo and wore it for the first three days in camp and loved it.  Marino wool is my new gig.  I love it, soft, wicks away moister, warm in the mornings and cool in the afternoon.  It doesn’t get any better than marino wool as a base layer.

It’s a little on the spendy side but you must way out the benefits you get when you buy their products.  You can wear one of their shirts for three or four days before you have to change it, compared to the average camo that you need to change daily.  Something about marino wool that bacteria does’t grow very well on it.  Therefor, no body oder! Right out of camp I would have to climb 1,000 vertical feet to get to were I was hunting.  By the time I reached the top I was soaking wet and within five minutes I was dry as a bone.  even with the cool morning temps the wool dried very quickly.  I would give this product a 10 out of 10.  The only problem I see is that I don’t have enough of there product.  All in due time though.

Greats  group of guys with a great product.  Check them out at First  I promise you won’t be disappointed in their products.



S and S Archery hooked me up!

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Steve Speck of S and S Archery outfitted a my new test bow!


All that it took was one phone call to Steve Speck of S and S archery and I was headed his way with the new Martin Rytera Alien XT in hand.  You see Martin Archery, via Jason Erdmann, sent me a new bow to test out and write about on and  Not a bad deal, get a free bow and write what I think about it.

The boy and I love the UPS man.  Here we admire the new bow that Martin Archery sent our way!

The unfortunate problem is that Martin’s lack of accessories left me wondering how I was going to set this bow up to shoot.  Thats when Steve stepped in and said” bring it over I’ll help you out. No problem!”  I was taken back a bit.  There wasn’t the ackward silence on the other end of the line or the what are you going to do for me response that you get so many times when looking for help, just “bring it over, I’ll help you out.”  What a pleasant surprise, you see, I have never had so much as a conversation with Steve in the past and for him to do this for me was huge!  These are the Kind of companies I like to do business with.  I’ll refer all of my friends and acquaintances to S and S Archery from here on out.  You need something for back country hunting give Steve a call or go to his site he can hook you up.

Steve Speck with S and S Archery finishing up with some of his handy work!


So lets see what S and S archery hooked me up with?  First he hooked me up with one bad ass site. it’s a  Montana black gold Ascent archery site, This is the site that I had in my head that I should design.  Looks like I’m to late, once again my life story.  Then he added a Vaportrail limb driver arrow rest.  Which I have to say is very different than any I have used in the past, but seems to be working fine.  Then to help balance and take some of the shock from the shot away he added a B-Stinger sport hunter Xtreme 6″ stabilizer.  Then to finish the bow off he tied  in a peep sight and a loop.

The finished bow!  Still needs a few more accessories, so I’ll be heading back to S and S archery to finish it off!

So to say I was a little taken back by Steve’s generosity would be an understatement.  When I looked at my bow I was very grateful, but I still wondered if the stuff he outfitted me with was worth a darn and when asked he said “rest assured it’s exactly what I have on my bow setting right over there.”  Sure enough, he didn’t go cheap, he went with the same great accessories that he uses on his own hunting bow.  Shocker number two!  I know two times in one day and from the same guy, unheard of right?  Not from Steve Speck and Sand S archery, it’s just how they do Business.

Check out some of Steve’s and Pure Elevations other handy work at

Well its getting pretty late need to head to the gym and prepare for the Bogus Challenge 3D shoot and the Train to Hunt Challenge Course!  See you on the hill June 23 and 24. A Special thanks goes out to Steve Speck for  his gracious sponsorship of Creekside Productions.  Thanks Steve…..


Product reviews coming in the next month!

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Watson Air Bag, Outback Fire pit, Outback Microwave, MB Ranch Kings Shooting Bench, MB Ranch Kings Shooters Rest, Paxrite UTV bed Rack, and Wasatch Percision arms carbon rifle are some of the product reviews to come out in the next month.


Watson Air Lock Bags! Bags for the concerned sportsman.

Outback large Fire pit and barbecue

Outback tailgater, portable fire pit and barbecue

Outback Microwave Oven

Outbacks gravity flow protein feeder.  Wildlife feeders for the concerned outdoorsman.

MB Ranch Kings Shooters Bench. This is a dream bench for people who shoot a ton.

MB Ranch Kings ground to bench shooters rest! For those of us who like to shoot prone.

Paxrite’s UTV cargo carrier!  organize your gear.

Wasatch Precision Arms Carbon Rifle! Is Carbon your new barrel?

Mule Deer Country gets a new Sponsor!

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PAXRITE Is the latest sponsor to join the Mule Deer Country team!

Paxrite a local UTV cargo rack builder is the latest to join the Mule Deer Country team.  Located in New Plymouth, Idaho this innovative new company is soon to be a leader in the UTV cargo rack business. A full review of this company and its great line of products will be here on mule deer country in the next few weeks.  Until then, here are few pictures to show you some of their awesome work!

This rack carries everything you will need for an extended stay in the hills

Built at Bear Mountain Manufacturing in New Plymouth this racks are as professional as you will see.  Spectacular welding, innovative designs and with a durable powder coat finish will take  years of abuse .

Fold in and out tables on either side for the things you want to keep off the ground come in very handy for coolers and water jugs!

The cooler rack folds down to complete the enclosure for a dog cage.  Perfect for those hound hunters.

I can’t wait to hit the hills and really try this thing out during the scouting season!

KUIU, now shipping!

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KUIU is a company committed to developing the finest technical hunting gear on the planet. Founded by Jason Hairston,the former founder and CEO of Sitka, KUIU is a brand that refuses to compromise on quality or performance.  “All of our products are designed to excel in the most challenging backcountry hunting conditions possible. That is our commitment and our guarantee,” according to Jason.

The open pattern of this camo really breaks up the silloute of the human body!  The pattern is not the only thing that makes this camo awesome, more important is the material they use.

Can you say Kyrgystan?  Yes, it has been tested there!

The innovative new hunting clothing line of Kuiu is now taking orders!  You must pre-register on their web-site to get in line to purchase this highly sought after line of high adventure clothing! Due to the high demand of this product, Jason Hairston of Kuiu says “the 2011 inventory of Kuiu will probably sell out before it even hits the public markets” He goes on to say ” I am totally shocked by the overwhelming response that this line of gear has generated in the last year”.  Kuiu Clothing is a high end adventure clothing line that will work from the highest peaks in Alaska to the Valley floors of the Tiburon Island of Mexico.  This can be seen on their web-site. You can check out this unbelievable line of gear at  There are some great reads on their site taking you through the whole process that this new company has endured over the last year. Check it out!

My order has been placed and I will let you know my take on this highly sought after product. You can still register online at and hopefully get a shopping date to pick yourself up some of this revolutionary new hunting apparel.

Here are some of their products that they will be offering online. Check out their site for more products! THIS IS NOT A PAID ADD! I just believe I should share these awesome products with you my faithful readers.










The 17.75 ounce Guide Jacket is made with a 274 g/m2 Toray Primeflex Softshell, a 100% polyester stretch woven face fabric, bonded to a high performance micro-fleece backer fabric. DWR treated at the yarn level with Toray’s patented & industry leading Kudos DWR, the guide jacket gives you an unmatched weather protection for a non-laminated softshell.











The 18.75 ounce Attack pant is made with a 225 g/m2 Toray Primeflex Double Weave fabric. The Attack pant weighs 40% less than comparable pants using a same weight non-Toray fabric. Primeflex fabrics utilize a patented spiral yarn technology allowing the fabric to stretch and recover without elastic











Jason says “I created the KUIU model to develop and produce products like the patent pending Icon frame; the worlds first carbon fiber backpack frame.  At a mere 13oz the Icon frame is the foundation to supporting heavy loads while still remaining comfortable to hunt in all day.”

The final Prototypes of the packs are here.   As many of you may notice, the pack volumes have increased.  The 3000 weight increased with some design improvements through development and re-measuring. The new volume measurements are 2998 cubic inches & 6003 cubic inches. These packs are designed to cover a 1 to 6 day bivy hunts with the 3000 and 7 to 14 day sheep hunts in the 6000.

Anyone one can toot their own horn, however Jason has a proven track record with Sitka.  I’m guessing his new line will be even better than the old!  Thats going to be a tough feat, but I’m  sure Jason and crew are up to the task.  As soon as I get my goodies I will let you know what I think of this new line of high tech outdoor gear.  We will be trying out the Attack pant, the Guide jacket, the Zip T under shirt, and the 3000 icon pack with carbon frame.  I will keep you updated on everything from working with the company, the product, service, shipping, and most important to me, the comfort of their product!  Chat with you soon!


Best Regards





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TAG Game Bags.  Are these the best game bags on the market?

TAG  (Technologically Advanced Game Bags) are the best game bag that I have ever had the privilege to fill with wild game meat.  From the first email that I sent out with the inquiries about these game bags, to dropping off the meat at the butcher,  I have nothing but great praises about this company and the products they sale.  Larry, the owner of Pristine Ventures was very prompt in returning my e-mail and phone call.   Within four days I had my TAG bags and was headed to the hills.

TAG bags are light weight and compact, weighting in at just over one pound for all five bags.

Trust me when I tell you, TAG game bags aren’t your average cheap bags.   At first glance I could tell these bags were the most durable bags that I have ever had in my pack.  Durable and light weight, weighting

TAG bags kept all the dirt and grass off the meat.

in at just over one pound for 5 bags. The size and wiehgt of these bags wasn’t at all noticeable when placed in my pack.  The material that these bags are made out of are highly breathable material that is six times lighter than cotton. It protects your meat from flies,wasps, and all mother nature can throw at them, including Bacteria.  Besides loving the light

The larger bags are perfect for larger game like elk and moose quarters.

We used the smaller bags on the boned out deer meat.

weight aspect, I also like the idea that these Game bags are washable and reusable. As you can see these bags got nasty looking with meat in them.  After a quick rinse in the washing machine and these bags were packed back into the little orange carrying case the came in. One elk and two deer later these bags are back on the self ready for work next

We only used 3 small bags for a boned out deer.   You’ll need 4 bags to quarter a deer out!

year. Bright white and good as new and trust me I had my doubts how something this light weight and bright white would look after the hunting was over.  Good as new!  I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  Oh yea, by the way, these are arguable the best game bags on the market.

Pros: Light weight, durable, compact, washable, breathable, and a great price for what you are actually getting.

Cons: I didn’t come up with this idea for a game bag is the only con I can think of.

Company: Best small company that I have worked with to date.

Product: TAG Game Bags. By far the best game bag I have ever used.  You need these game bags in you truck, pack,  and or atvs.

TC Northwest Explorer

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The new TC Explorer should be your muzzleloader of choice!

by Steve Alderman

Thompson Center Arms comes to the Northwest with its newest line of muzzleloaders, The Northwest Explorer.

The Northwest Explorer fresh out of the box!

In recent years, the northwest has put some heavy restrictions on muzzleloader hunters.  Until recently, muzzleloader hunters in Idaho, Washington and Oregon were limited to only a hand full of sub-par  muzzleloading rifles.  TC Arms has added what I think is one of the better muzzleloaders on the market.  With its open ignition, open sights and number 11 percussion cap as the ignition, it meets the Northwest’s unwarranted demands for muzzleloaders and muzzleloader hunters.

You got to love a job like this!  Testing all the latest gear has to be done by someone I guess!

Thompson Center Arms took some of their already popular guns and molded them into the Northwest Explorer.  A drop away breech, similar to the Omega, allows the hunter easy access to the breech plug for priming.   With a weather shield Barrel and the camo synthetic stock this gun is built for the harsh conditions the northwest can dish out. What is  TC’s weather shield barrel?  It’s a coating that is very similar to a teflon coated barrel.  It repels moister and cleans very easily.  TC also added QLA muzzle system for fast accurate loading of the gun. With a full size, 14 inch, monte carlo stock and ventilated rubber recoil pad, this gun feels great on the cheek.

I received this gun to do a review I was commissioned to write for a national publication.  After one day at the range, I knew I had to add this gun to my collection.  Granted it wasn’t the most accurate gun in the review of muzzleloaders, as it actually came in second in accuracy. However, it came in first in every other category.  When I say it came in second it still had a 1/2″ MOA at 50 yards with open sights.  Yes, I did say 1/2 inch groups. Try and get that with your muzzleloader and open sights.  It came in first place with fit and feel, ease of loading, ease of priming, and ease of cleaning. It also came in first at the bench, with speeds reaching a 200 feet per second faster than the competition. Granted, the barrel is 28 inches long which is up to 4 inches longer than some of the other guns tested.

At the bench the gun handled very well.  After a few hours of shooting, I found my gun preformed the best with 105 grains (by volume) of Triple Seven FFg powder and a Thompson 370 grain maxi-ball.  The lead conical by Power Belt in a 425 grain weight came in second with just over 3/4 inch groups at 50 yards.  I currently have the Explorer at a gun smiths to get it drilled and tapped for a scope.  I will hit the bench a couple more times to try and figure out the best load for the gun.  A scope definitely helps take human error out of the equation when compared to using open sights.  I can always sweeten up my loads when I use a scope.  It helps me find the perfect load for each gun that I shoot.

1/2 Group at 50 yards with open sights

Before actually hunting with this gun, I’m going to change a couple of things   There will be a new Simms recoil pad and some better sights added to the gun.  Not that either one of them are all that bad, they just could be better.  I personally like a small front bead on my guns.  Aim small , hit small is one of my favorite sayings. The gun definitely needs a smaller front sight for precision shooting.

Some of the essentials used in testing this gun!

After shooting this gun I can  see why Thompson Center Arms is the leader in muzzleloading. From their fine line of Omegas and Pro Hunters, to this new line of semi-traditional guns made for the northwest, Thompson Center Arms can take care of all of your muzzleloader needs. I will be hunting with the Northwest Explorer this year.  How big of a buck will it bring home on its maiden mission? Only time will tell.

  • PROSBy far the best shooting muzzy right out of the box,  at least with the TC Maxi Balls.  Other bullets like powerbelts and sabots don’t fly well through this gun.  It’s a gun made specifically for me and the rest of northwest.
  • CONS: Front sight is too large to be precise with your shots past 75 yards. The barrel doesn’t come in stainless steal.
  • PRODUCT: High Rating…Very good product….All the components of this gun are as solid as any TC gun.  Shot the TC maxi balls like no other gun.  It must be that 1/48 twist barrel.
  • COMPANY:  High Rating….I like to talk to somebody when I call a company, not a machine.  When you call TC, you could be on hold for a while or you can leave a message and they usually get back with you within one business day.  Their gunsmith is as good and knowledgeable as anybody in the business.  All of the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Kenetrek Safari

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Kenetrek Safari Boots

by Steve Alderman

The new Kenetrek Mountain Safari is the perfect boot for use in the desert mountains, whether located in Arizona’s Kofa Mountain Range or the Zambezi Escarpent in Africa.  They are specially designed for support and comfort in warm temperatures.   The non-insulated Mountain Safari is lined with perforated calf skin to enhance breathability and wicking of perspiration.  It is also an ideal boot for the warm, early seasons in the West.   For a boot with this kind of support, the Mountain Safari is incredibly light weight weighing only 3.7 pounds per pair.  They are made in Italy.  Suggested retail is $305.00

Update 7-24-09

The new Safari by Kenetrek should arrive today or tomorrow (7-24-09) in the mail.  I’m very excited to try these new boots out.   Review should be completed in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for your patience.

Updated  8-11-2010

I’ve  received a few e-mails wondering where the review was for Kenetreks Safari boot that I promised last year.  Yes, I wanted to try these boots out before writing the review.  I just didn’t think it would be a years worth of wear.

The Safari is the summer boot in Kenetreks line of great footweaar.  The Safari is an awesome light weight boot that was built for the riggers of warm weather.  Over the last year I have used this boot for scouting, hunting and even some work here on the property.   Kenetrek has cut out the water proofing and used perforated calf skin for the liner. which is lightweight and built to breathe.  Like I said in the last Kenetrek review my feet sweat in socks, so I was a little hesitant that these boots would keep my feet dry.  I was right, my feet did sweat, but it took a lot longer for my feet to start sweating compared to other boots I have used in the past 20 years.

I wore the crud out of these boots last year. We filmed 6 deer hunts and I had the opportunity to stick a great 8×8 bull with my Hoyt wearing these boots. All in all, I have put over 100 days of rocks, dirt, brush, and even the occasional creek crossing to work in these boots.  The Kenetrek Safari’s have pulled through it all with flying colors.  With 2 coats of Kwik wax the boots kept my feet dry from any water entering the boot.  The one down fall to the wax is that is hinders the boot from breathing as well as it was designed to.  If I was to get another pair of the Safaris (which I will really soon) I would choose not to put the wax on the boot to see how well they breathe without it.

One of he great bucks we field being harvested in September 2009 using the Kenetrek Safari.

These boots fit a little differently from the other boots by Kenetrek. They still fit perfectly in length but are a touch wider than the Hard Scrabble and Mountain Extreme.  The lack of WindTex (Gortex like liner) and the thinner calf skin liner, built on the same platform as the Scrabble and Mountain Extreme leave a little extra room on the sides of the boots.  At first I thought this would be an issue, however, these boots quickly became my favorite despite my reservations.

The soles of these boots are in great shape,  By now my Danners would be missing over half of their Bobs

I use the Safaris two to three days a week.  On the farm or in the hills, these boots flat out perform.  If you are looking for a light weight boot with the spectacular Kenetrek sole, the phenomenal support of the steel shank and the unparalleled comfort on rocks and all terrain, you much get a pair of these boots.  Trust me when I say to you “YOU WILL THANK ME LATER”.

These boots look great for having over 100 days in the field logged on them

  • PRODUCT:  Highest Rating…Great boot….. One of the best boots that I have owned.  I would only say they come in second to my Kenetrek Mountain Extremes.
  • PROS:  Very breathable boot.  The coolest boot of this caliber that I have owned. The best of materials and craftsmanship is put into Kenetreks.
  • CONS:   These boots are not as snug as the other Kenetreks.  They took some getting used t as I was expecting the tight snug fit like that of the other Kenetreks. In spite of that, they quickly became my favorite boots
  • COMPANY:   Good Rating…..Great people to work with….. The only down fall to this company is they are always out of stock on boots.  You need to order them early if you want them by hunting season.


July 14, 2010 by  
Filed under Gear & Reviews is a website for the hunter that is sick off all those big bulky maps cluttering the dash of the truck and taking up much needed space in the back pack.  These  fine folks finally came out with what I have been asking for for the last 5 years.  A gps and computer downloadable version of the Bureau of Land Management surface maps.

These maps are either downloadable or you can get the sd card for your computer or the chip for your Garmin.  Than its plug and play,  No need for the computer or the downloadable version.  The one good thing about the downloadable version is the free updates that you get as they are available.  They have some pretty cool things like the BLM overlay for Google Earth.  I can’t wait to try some of this new gear  out in the field over the next couple weeks.  We will have a full review of this product in the next two to three weeks.  I suggest you don’t wait and order a copy for your hunting area as soon as you can.  Here is a link to their site:

All right, well I got the chance to use this product on two different occasions.  All I can say is throw away your paper maps!  This little program is everything you need in one handy little hand held GPS.  It tells you exactly where you are in accordance to the land you are supposed to be on.  If it is state land  that color is blue if it is private land that color is white.  It is a land surface map gone digital. It is the same colors, same scale , same features and same topos lines you have come to rely on from the BLM paper maps.

On a number of occasions, while out looking for elk this past week, I was wondering how close I was getting to some of the private property. You know me, I’m not looking to make anybody angry at me.  So I pulled out the garmin and took a peak.  Just where I thought I was.  This awesome  new program from Hunting GPS Maps can really put your mind at rest when you are unsure.

As you can see by the cursor I’m right on the edge of the state land.  You can zoom in and out on your garmin to really pin point, within feet, where you are standing and for me that is where this program is worth its weight in gold. No more guess work, you know exactly where you are at.

There are a couple land owners in an area that I frequent that are really hard nosed and don’t allow people  on their property posted or not. Even when you are on public they confront you and tell you that you are on private.  Before this product came out you had to get the coordinates off you gps and over lay them over the paper map to prove them wrong.  Now it is as simple as showing them on the gps.  In Idaho there needs to be either cultivated field or a fence with orange on the fence post to keep people from trespassing.   However, more times then not, there is not a fence or the fence you are looking at is not posted.  In Idaho you can hunt unposted, uncultivated property, however in a number of other states including Colorado you must have permission to hunt any private property, regardless if it is posted or not, that is where this mapping system really shines.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get this program by a download which is how I recomend you do it, if you own a PC, Mac users are out of luck for now! If you are a Mac geek you will have to buy the small card that fits into your gps unit.  If you purchase the downloadable version you get free upgrades of your area when they are availible.  Since product review started three weeks ago, I have recieved one free update. It seems to me that this company is constantly working to improve this system and make it better for you, the end user. This product is worth every penny.

Which one would you rather pack around?  The duffle full of maps and the gps or just a gps with the maps programed into it.

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