Hunt Fit, for the extreme hunter.

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Here is today’s train to hunt teaser video!  Please  join Train to Hunt to view this video in its entirety. Cost is 30.00 annually and is worth way more than that. These guys will put you through the paces. They will teach you everything from nutrition to proper movement of exercise.  Try their workouts “I Dare You”  If you need a gym to work out in check out Fit for Adventure in the next post.  Feel free to come and join us every morning and evening doing these awesome workouts.  You will need to join the gym (Fit for Adventure) 20.00 a month and Train to hunt at 30.00 annually.  Join us on our next work, feel free to call for times. 850-9906


Here is today’s teaser video. To view full video become a Subscriber at

WA-ID Scout Teaser from Train To Hunt on Vimeo.


subscribers of may view the full video

Fitness at its best, for the HARDCORE Hunter

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COMING SOON……  Brought to you by Fit For Adventure, Cloverdale and Amity, Meridian Idaho And Train to hunt at!

FIT for ADVENTURE of Idaho is your one stop fitness solution!  It has everything you need to get into the best hunting shape of you life.

Fit for Adventures has a Hybrid fit building, commonly referred to as Crossfit. It has a spinning room were spinning classes and other arabic classes are held.  It has regular gym with all the cardio machines, weight machines and all free weights one could imagine.  It also has a 400 square foot room set aside to do what ever your little heart could dream up.  Sometimes it is used for personal training and sometime members use it to do floor exercises.  What ever the case, this gym has it all and then some.

The Hybrid building has everything from ropes, tires, bags, ladders, kettle balls, medicine balls, free weights, bars, a cage, boxes, mats, sleds and a host of other work out equipment, way to much to mention.  It is loaded with stuff to help you dream up any sort of workout to get your heart racing. You could work out every day for over a year and no two workouts would be the same. You will never get board in the Hybrid fit room.










Here are a few pictures of the Hybrid gym!

As far as the regular gym side of Fit for Adventure, it has all the cardio machines of the big box competitors and then some.  It has all of the treadmills, olipticals, bikes and rowing machines.  My favorite cardio workout is the Stepmill, which you can’t find in all of the big box gyms. 20 minutes on the stepmill and you know that you’ve been to the gym.  What an awesome workout for thehunter that doesn’t have the privilege of hitting the hills everyday. It doesn’t get better than climbing a hundred flight of steps with a pack on your back and that is what the stepmill simulates.

Some pics of the regular gym.  The picture in the upper right corner is where I spend most my time when I’m doing cardio.  I love the stepmill

Check it out, Fit for Adventure on the Northwest corner of Amity and Cloverdale.  Tell them Steve sent you!

Another angle of the gym! Free weights and dumb bells can be seen in the background!

There is also a cool place for the kids to hang out and watch television.

We are also looking for a couple workout partners to work out with us in the morning and evenings.  If you are interested we will be doing a TRAIN TO HUNT workout and weights in the mornings (5:30 to 7:30 am)and a TRAIN TO HUNT workout with extra cardio in the evenings(9:30 to 11:30 pm).  The evening classes shouldn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes depending on your current shape. Trust me when I say that you won’t need the extra cardio workout after the Train to Hunt workout. It will work you to the max.  The warm ups for train to hunt will be a starting work out for some. We can adjust the timing on some of the classes if enough people have timing conflicts,  Give me a shout if your are interested in any of the spaces.  We are looking for 4 to 6 people who want to really push themselves. Gym prices start at around 20 dollars a month and your TRIAN TO HUNT membership is 30 dollars a year. Give me call and I will give you all the details 208-850-9906. We just start the morning class this week (4-18-2011) and have been doing the night class for 2 months now. Come and join us if your are up to the challenge!  We can get you a little better price if you are going to work out and sign up under us!


For Information on  Fit for Adventure… call Richard at 362.6828


I told you I like the stepmill.  Look at what it can do for a fat guy!  I can also watch bowhunter TV and workout at the same time. Beat that you fancy big box gym