The Family

The Family

Steve Alderman
Founder, MuleDeerCounrty.com

Steve was raised in the small town of Glenns Ferry, Idaho (population 1,500, on a good day). Steve remembers his first big game experience when he was eleven. He was the spotter of an amazing 214 inch mega buck that a friend of the family harvested on that cold blistery day in November. That buck hangs on his wall today. Steve eventually harvested his own buck at the age of 14. At the age of sixteen Steve borrowed a muzzleloader from his friend Jim Kast which he used for the next few years. As a high school student, Steve and his friends hunted with their smoke poles, as much as school, sports, and homework would allow. After his first muzzleloader experience, he was hooked on the challenge of short range hunting.

After high school Steve went to college at Boise State University, where he was a walk on player for the football team. Football and academics claimed the majority of his time, however, he was allowed to sneak off for a weekend here and there to pursue the majestic mule deer.

During his college days, Steve saw the great winter kill of 1992 when Mule deer numbers were cut in half state wide. Steve began attending Fish and Game meetings in 1993 to see what the game department was going to do to bring back the herds. In 1994 he joined the Deer Hunters of Idaho organization where his was voted vice-president and served for four years. He then became the president of the organization, fighting for mule deer in Idaho. Steve stayed with the Deer Hunters of Idaho organization until he took over the Chapter Chair for the Mule Deer Foundation in 2005 to continue raising money for mule deer conservation.

Steve is an accomplished hunter as well as conservationist. He holds a number of world, state and provence records for mule deer with his short range weapons, including his trusty muzzleloader and Hoyt bow. He currently holds the desert mule deer world record with a muzzleloader and the number two Pope and Young buck in Alberta with his Hoyt. These are just a couple of the deer that Steve has adorning his walls. Each mount has it’s own exciting story and memory.

Steve meet his wife Amy in the winter of 1995 and got married, in the 104 degree temperature, of August 26, 2000. They had their first and only child, Bennett, in December of 2003. Bennett is named after the one place that Steve holds close to his heart and that is Bennett Mountain. It is his favorite place to hunt, film, and camp with family. Steve’s wife is the most understanding person in the world.

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, Steve does love and cherish his family more then the pursuit of mule deer.

Steve is an accomplished business man as well as family man and hunter. Steve owns and operates Creekside Tile, a business he started while in college. He specializes in tile and stone installation in custom homes. He also owns and operates Creekside Media Group which is a video and television production company. Creekside Media Group has five Mule deer videos on the market and a hunting based show on Fox Television.

Steve has enjoyed his time hunting and conserving mule deer. He is hoping to one day help on the national level and make a bigger impact on the mule deer herds of the future. Mule Deer Country is where we live, hunt, fish, camp, and just plain old enjoy the outdoors! Now with the guidance of Steve and other leading experts, on this site we can learn, grow, and even put something back into MULE DEER COUNTRY!

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Steve Alderman
Meridian, ID 83646

Steve and Crew,
Hello, my name is Travis and I am an antler addict! I believe I sent my first email off without any content. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that the work you guys do is great! I love watching your DVDs. I haven’t purchased Karma yet, but that is next on my list of things to do. I am a mule deer fanatic as well. Hunting is a passion I share with you and many other Idahoans. I applaud your efforts in conservation and the hours you put in to bringing great footage to Idaho and the rest of the sportsman out there as enthusiastic as you and I are. I always love seeing great Idaho mule deer bucks. I spend a lot of time in the field looking for the giant bucks myself and enjoy videoing and photographing them whenever I get a chance. I am an amateur in every sense of the word, but I have fun doing it nonetheless. I know you guys get a lot of flack from the environmentalists and even from some fellow sportsman, but I believe that is just antler envy! You live the dream that I have day in and day out. To pursue, study, film, and hunt monster mulies. I look forward to the day that I draw one of those elusive tags and have the opportunity to pursue one of those even more elusive monster mulies! Keep up the good work and continue bringing those monster Idaho bucks to the television screens. I look forward to your footage each year and hope your guys keep it up. Thanks for your time!
Fellow Idaho Mule Deer Hunter,
Travis Long
a.k.a. MuleyCrazed (MonsterMulies & Muley Madness)
P.S.  If you ever need any backup cameramen I’m up for the challenge! LOL. You probably get that all the time….

I have been a fan of yours since 2004 when I bought Lowland Muleys 1 from you on VHS at a show of some sorts after my state basketball tourney. I own all Lowland Muleys, 1 thru 4 I am glad to see your site I just found it today. I waited forever for Lowland Muleys 5 and would check almost monthly to see if you had made any new movies. I am pumped to see you have a new video out and I can assure you I will have a copy soon. As a fellow Idaho hunter I am happy to see the attention you bring to our great state and all you do on the conservation front. You can count on me being a regular on your site from now on.

Dustin Guthrie