S and S Archery hooked me up!

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Steve Speck of S and S Archery outfitted a my new test bow!


All that it took was one phone call to Steve Speck of S and S archery and I was headed his way with the new Martin Rytera Alien XT in hand.  You see Martin Archery, via Jason Erdmann, sent me a new bow to test out and write about on muledeercountry.com and Archerytalk.com.  Not a bad deal, get a free bow and write what I think about it.

The boy and I love the UPS man.  Here we admire the new bow that Martin Archery sent our way!

The unfortunate problem is that Martin’s lack of accessories left me wondering how I was going to set this bow up to shoot.  Thats when Steve stepped in and said” bring it over I’ll help you out. No problem!”  I was taken back a bit.  There wasn’t the ackward silence on the other end of the line or the what are you going to do for me response that you get so many times when looking for help, just “bring it over, I’ll help you out.”  What a pleasant surprise, you see, I have never had so much as a conversation with Steve in the past and for him to do this for me was huge!  These are the Kind of companies I like to do business with.  I’ll refer all of my friends and acquaintances to S and S Archery from here on out.  You need something for back country hunting give Steve a call or go to his site he can hook you up.

Steve Speck with S and S Archery finishing up with some of his handy work!


So lets see what S and S archery hooked me up with?  First he hooked me up with one bad ass site. it’s a  Montana black gold Ascent archery site, This is the site that I had in my head that I should design.  Looks like I’m to late, once again my life story.  Then he added a Vaportrail limb driver arrow rest.  Which I have to say is very different than any I have used in the past, but seems to be working fine.  Then to help balance and take some of the shock from the shot away he added a B-Stinger sport hunter Xtreme 6″ stabilizer.  Then to finish the bow off he tied  in a peep sight and a loop.

The finished bow!  Still needs a few more accessories, so I’ll be heading back to S and S archery to finish it off!

So to say I was a little taken back by Steve’s generosity would be an understatement.  When I looked at my bow I was very grateful, but I still wondered if the stuff he outfitted me with was worth a darn and when asked he said “rest assured it’s exactly what I have on my bow setting right over there.”  Sure enough, he didn’t go cheap, he went with the same great accessories that he uses on his own hunting bow.  Shocker number two!  I know two times in one day and from the same guy, unheard of right?  Not from Steve Speck and Sand S archery, it’s just how they do Business.

Check out some of Steve’s and Pure Elevations other handy work at pure-elevation.com

Well its getting pretty late need to head to the gym and prepare for the Bogus Challenge 3D shoot and the Train to Hunt Challenge Course!  See you on the hill June 23 and 24. A Special thanks goes out to Steve Speck for  his gracious sponsorship of Creekside Productions.  Thanks Steve…..



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