Robb Wiley and Bryan Ingram

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Robb Wiley and Bryan Ingram Team Up for a Giant

Robb Wiley and Bryan Ingram Team to harvest one of the Largest bucks to ever come out of Wyoming!  When I say largest, I mean largest!  I have held this buck and it is flat out amazing!  I would like to first congratulate Robb Wiley for his dedication to stay with this mule deer for the whole season and then let Bryan harvest him!  You have to hear Bryan tell the story, you actual feel like you are there.  Bryan gets so excited telling the story, it’s awesome to see a guy get this excited over his deer.  He will be on cloud nine for the rest of his life!  This couldn’t happen to two better guys!  Bryan thanks for bringing that giant by the camp!  It was good seeing you again.  I can’t help but chuckle when I think of you telling your once in a lifetime experience with Robb, the horses, and one tremendous buck.  Thanks for the permission to use the pics.  Take care and I look forward to sharing stories again!

Steve Alderman

Bryan Ingram and his giant Wyoming mule deer! It grosses over 260 inches.

Robb Wiley owner of Nontypical Outfitters with Bryan and his giant!

The mass of this buck rivals the Buck of Justice!  Congrats Robb….Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

Yours truly with  the lucky hunter!  I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to hold this buck!

And a kiss for luck!

Talk about goose bumps.  This picture gives them to me!  Thanks Bryan…..




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