Mule Deer Country gets a new Sponsor!

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PAXRITE Is the latest sponsor to join the Mule Deer Country team!

Paxrite a local UTV cargo rack builder is the latest to join the Mule Deer Country team.  Located in New Plymouth, Idaho this innovative new company is soon to be a leader in the UTV cargo rack business. A full review of this company and its great line of products will be here on mule deer country in the next few weeks.  Until then, here are few pictures to show you some of their awesome work!

This rack carries everything you will need for an extended stay in the hills

Built at Bear Mountain Manufacturing in New Plymouth this racks are as professional as you will see.  Spectacular welding, innovative designs and with a durable powder coat finish will take  years of abuse .

Fold in and out tables on either side for the things you want to keep off the ground come in very handy for coolers and water jugs!

The cooler rack folds down to complete the enclosure for a dog cage.  Perfect for those hound hunters.

I can’t wait to hit the hills and really try this thing out during the scouting season!


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