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TAG Game Bags.  Are these the best game bags on the market?

TAG  (Technologically Advanced Game Bags) are the best game bag that I have ever had the privilege to fill with wild game meat.  From the first email that I sent out with the inquiries about these game bags, to dropping off the meat at the butcher,  I have nothing but great praises about this company and the products they sale.  Larry, the owner of Pristine Ventures was very prompt in returning my e-mail and phone call.   Within four days I had my TAG bags and was headed to the hills.

TAG bags are light weight and compact, weighting in at just over one pound for all five bags.

Trust me when I tell you, TAG game bags aren’t your average cheap bags.   At first glance I could tell these bags were the most durable bags that I have ever had in my pack.  Durable and light weight, weighting

TAG bags kept all the dirt and grass off the meat.

in at just over one pound for 5 bags. The size and wiehgt of these bags wasn’t at all noticeable when placed in my pack.  The material that these bags are made out of are highly breathable material that is six times lighter than cotton. It protects your meat from flies,wasps, and all mother nature can throw at them, including Bacteria.  Besides loving the light

The larger bags are perfect for larger game like elk and moose quarters.

We used the smaller bags on the boned out deer meat.

weight aspect, I also like the idea that these Game bags are washable and reusable. As you can see these bags got nasty looking with meat in them.  After a quick rinse in the washing machine and these bags were packed back into the little orange carrying case the came in. One elk and two deer later these bags are back on the self ready for work next

We only used 3 small bags for a boned out deer.   You’ll need 4 bags to quarter a deer out!

year. Bright white and good as new and trust me I had my doubts how something this light weight and bright white would look after the hunting was over.  Good as new!  I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.  Oh yea, by the way, these are arguable the best game bags on the market.

Pros: Light weight, durable, compact, washable, breathable, and a great price for what you are actually getting.

Cons: I didn’t come up with this idea for a game bag is the only con I can think of.

Company: Best small company that I have worked with to date.

Product: TAG Game Bags. By far the best game bag I have ever used.  You need these game bags in you truck, pack,  and or atvs.



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