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Kenetrek Safari Boots

by Steve Alderman

The new Kenetrek Mountain Safari is the perfect boot for use in the desert mountains, whether located in Arizona’s Kofa Mountain Range or the Zambezi Escarpent in Africa.  They are specially designed for support and comfort in warm temperatures.   The non-insulated Mountain Safari is lined with perforated calf skin to enhance breathability and wicking of perspiration.  It is also an ideal boot for the warm, early seasons in the West.   For a boot with this kind of support, the Mountain Safari is incredibly light weight weighing only 3.7 pounds per pair.  They are made in Italy.  Suggested retail is $305.00

Update 7-24-09

The new Safari by Kenetrek should arrive today or tomorrow (7-24-09) in the mail.  I’m very excited to try these new boots out.   Review should be completed in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for your patience.

Updated  8-11-2010

I’ve  received a few e-mails wondering where the review was for Kenetreks Safari boot that I promised last year.  Yes, I wanted to try these boots out before writing the review.  I just didn’t think it would be a years worth of wear.

The Safari is the summer boot in Kenetreks line of great footweaar.  The Safari is an awesome light weight boot that was built for the riggers of warm weather.  Over the last year I have used this boot for scouting, hunting and even some work here on the property.   Kenetrek has cut out the water proofing and used perforated calf skin for the liner. which is lightweight and built to breathe.  Like I said in the last Kenetrek review my feet sweat in socks, so I was a little hesitant that these boots would keep my feet dry.  I was right, my feet did sweat, but it took a lot longer for my feet to start sweating compared to other boots I have used in the past 20 years.

I wore the crud out of these boots last year. We filmed 6 deer hunts and I had the opportunity to stick a great 8×8 bull with my Hoyt wearing these boots. All in all, I have put over 100 days of rocks, dirt, brush, and even the occasional creek crossing to work in these boots.  The Kenetrek Safari’s have pulled through it all with flying colors.  With 2 coats of Kwik wax the boots kept my feet dry from any water entering the boot.  The one down fall to the wax is that is hinders the boot from breathing as well as it was designed to.  If I was to get another pair of the Safaris (which I will really soon) I would choose not to put the wax on the boot to see how well they breathe without it.

One of he great bucks we field being harvested in September 2009 using the Kenetrek Safari.

These boots fit a little differently from the other boots by Kenetrek. They still fit perfectly in length but are a touch wider than the Hard Scrabble and Mountain Extreme.  The lack of WindTex (Gortex like liner) and the thinner calf skin liner, built on the same platform as the Scrabble and Mountain Extreme leave a little extra room on the sides of the boots.  At first I thought this would be an issue, however, these boots quickly became my favorite despite my reservations.

The soles of these boots are in great shape,  By now my Danners would be missing over half of their Bobs

I use the Safaris two to three days a week.  On the farm or in the hills, these boots flat out perform.  If you are looking for a light weight boot with the spectacular Kenetrek sole, the phenomenal support of the steel shank and the unparalleled comfort on rocks and all terrain, you much get a pair of these boots.  Trust me when I say to you “YOU WILL THANK ME LATER”.

These boots look great for having over 100 days in the field logged on them

  • PRODUCT:  Highest Rating…Great boot….. One of the best boots that I have owned.  I would only say they come in second to my Kenetrek Mountain Extremes.
  • PROS:  Very breathable boot.  The coolest boot of this caliber that I have owned. The best of materials and craftsmanship is put into Kenetreks.
  • CONS:   These boots are not as snug as the other Kenetreks.  They took some getting used t as I was expecting the tight snug fit like that of the other Kenetreks. In spite of that, they quickly became my favorite boots
  • COMPANY:   Good Rating…..Great people to work with….. The only down fall to this company is they are always out of stock on boots.  You need to order them early if you want them by hunting season.

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