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Filed under Gear & Reviews is a website for the hunter that is sick off all those big bulky maps cluttering the dash of the truck and taking up much needed space in the back pack.  These  fine folks finally came out with what I have been asking for for the last 5 years.  A gps and computer downloadable version of the Bureau of Land Management surface maps.

These maps are either downloadable or you can get the sd card for your computer or the chip for your Garmin.  Than its plug and play,  No need for the computer or the downloadable version.  The one good thing about the downloadable version is the free updates that you get as they are available.  They have some pretty cool things like the BLM overlay for Google Earth.  I can’t wait to try some of this new gear  out in the field over the next couple weeks.  We will have a full review of this product in the next two to three weeks.  I suggest you don’t wait and order a copy for your hunting area as soon as you can.  Here is a link to their site:

All right, well I got the chance to use this product on two different occasions.  All I can say is throw away your paper maps!  This little program is everything you need in one handy little hand held GPS.  It tells you exactly where you are in accordance to the land you are supposed to be on.  If it is state land  that color is blue if it is private land that color is white.  It is a land surface map gone digital. It is the same colors, same scale , same features and same topos lines you have come to rely on from the BLM paper maps.

On a number of occasions, while out looking for elk this past week, I was wondering how close I was getting to some of the private property. You know me, I’m not looking to make anybody angry at me.  So I pulled out the garmin and took a peak.  Just where I thought I was.  This awesome  new program from Hunting GPS Maps can really put your mind at rest when you are unsure.

As you can see by the cursor I’m right on the edge of the state land.  You can zoom in and out on your garmin to really pin point, within feet, where you are standing and for me that is where this program is worth its weight in gold. No more guess work, you know exactly where you are at.

There are a couple land owners in an area that I frequent that are really hard nosed and don’t allow people  on their property posted or not. Even when you are on public they confront you and tell you that you are on private.  Before this product came out you had to get the coordinates off you gps and over lay them over the paper map to prove them wrong.  Now it is as simple as showing them on the gps.  In Idaho there needs to be either cultivated field or a fence with orange on the fence post to keep people from trespassing.   However, more times then not, there is not a fence or the fence you are looking at is not posted.  In Idaho you can hunt unposted, uncultivated property, however in a number of other states including Colorado you must have permission to hunt any private property, regardless if it is posted or not, that is where this mapping system really shines.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get this program by a download which is how I recomend you do it, if you own a PC, Mac users are out of luck for now! If you are a Mac geek you will have to buy the small card that fits into your gps unit.  If you purchase the downloadable version you get free upgrades of your area when they are availible.  Since product review started three weeks ago, I have recieved one free update. It seems to me that this company is constantly working to improve this system and make it better for you, the end user. This product is worth every penny.

Which one would you rather pack around?  The duffle full of maps and the gps or just a gps with the maps programed into it.

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