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Here is a buck out of old Mexico that is breeding stock on a hunting ranch.  The deer is said to be for sale for the fair price of $280,000.00.  It was sent over on an e-mail so the truth is not  known.  I just thought you would enjoy seeing this monster buck.  It is a shame he is not a wild deer, but all the same he is a tremendous desert mule deer. From what I can see he looks like a fairly young mule deer  at 3  1/2 to 5  1/2 years old.  I’m leaning more towards 3  1/2 or 4  1/2.  He really looks young, everything except for his head gear.

Check out the video of  two monster high fenced bucks,  from Old Mexico, in the webisode tab

It goes to show that mule deer a capable of being raised in a controlled environment.  Let alone, one of the toughest environments, the Sonoran Desert.  More and more high fenced operation are being put up every year in Old Mexico. Estimates run as high as ten percent of Old Mexico’s mule deer hunting is high fenced. A trend that is sure to continue into the future.



6 Responses to “Breeding Stock?”
  1. YBO says:

    Lets try this again. So, what does this giant gross score??

  2. admin says:

    Your Guess is as good as mine! I would say somewhere around 250 inches. Whats your Guess?

  3. YBO says:

    My guess is that….at least 250 amaybe 260. Thirty seven inches wide?? Is it a fact that the buck is a breeder buck, or is it for sale to harvest with a firearm?. Irregardless what an awesom Mexico non typical.

  4. admin says:

    You could absolutely be right on your guess. He looks every bit that big. Not that I care and not that it matters, he is a monster of a desert buck. I’m not sure if it is a breeder and or if it is for sale or not. I just was sent it in an e-mail and we all no how the facts in an e-mail can be twisted.

  5. travis brown says:

    id guess over 250 but like already said ‘who cares’ … that mass i bet is decieviing due to the monsterous frame too. sweet buck.


  6. Bill Wilson says:

    I would appreciate any imnformation on any mule deer breedding operations

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