300 inch muzzy buck out of Oregon

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Lucky hunter takes a 300 inch cactus buck in Oregon with his muzzleloader!

102_2810 A friend of mine from Oregon called a said this buck unofficially scores 301 gross.  What a pig and congrats to the lucky hunter.  It could be the second largest buck ever killed with a muzzleloader.   Arnold Sandoval’s is the largest that I know of.  It was harvested in Nevada.  I believe it scored around 304 gross and was 35 inches wide.

Sandoval175Arnold Sandoval with his 2006 muzzleloader buck that grossed 304



5 Responses to “300 inch muzzy buck out of Oregon”
  1. nevadakid says:

    Yes arnolds buck is the largest muzzy buck know of!! Bull rudge guided the,

  2. YBO says:

    I belive Steven Smith has the number 1 cactus non typical killed in UT about 8 years ago. It scores about 309 with a ton of points.

  3. admin says:


    Was it killed with a muzzleloader or a rifle? The name sounds familiar, but I do not remember what weapon he used. Any info or even a picture would be awesome. Thanks for the post.


  4. YBO says:

    Steve, yep, think you are right. I believe he shot it with a rifle. I will send you some photos. Do you have an postal address… you know…pony express? Thanks, YBO


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