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Possible new Pope and Young State record for Washington

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What a great guy!  Just got off the phone with the lucky hunter Mark.  What a humble person!  This is a great story, Mark has watched this deer for three years and was able to draw the tag a stick an arrow in this awesome animal.

“It really hasn’t even hit me yet.  The phone has been ringing off the hook and it hasn’t even giving it time the sink in.  I wish the deer was still alive and a pet in my back yard.  Its hard harvesting something you have so much time invested in.  I’ve watched this particular deer for three season now.  He deserves the respect, not me”

From my conversation with mark on the phone I can tell he is a true gentleman in every spectrum of the definition.  Its good to see good people work hard and get what they have put in, back out of a sport they so enjoy.  Congrats mark, on a spectacular buck! I can’t wait to see the field photos and hear the full story!  This is KARMA at its best!wash3

Currently the State record for Washington is a 202 0/8 incher harvested in Franklin County back in 2004 by Tom Adrian.  The number two Pope and Young buck was harvested in 1983 in Chelan County and scores 189 1/8 inches. We should have an unofficial green score some time today. (Information per the 2005 edition of the Pope and Young record book) I’ve my got fingers crossed for you Mark.wash2

Update 9-10-2009

Unofficial gross green score is 209 1/8 inches with 8 7/8 inches if deductions.  This gives it an unofficial net green score of 200 1/8 inches, putting him number two in Washington.  He is 31 1/2 inches wide, with great mass al the way out to the tips. This is a beautiful buck. Congrats mark, thanks for the update!


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  1. Jim says:

    Awesome buck!!!!

  2. leif says:

    I know this guy…great buck an

  3. Melissa Alma says:

    Wow! That’s a great buck! It reminds me a lot of the buck my dad harvested in 2005. We named the big buck Herman. He was 201 4/8. My dad didn’t really get that out there because he didn’t want the attention and a lot of people knowing. I know crazy right.


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