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Ross Rackliff and his 2008 SuperTag Buck

Thanks to the sweetest little fly on the wall down at the Fish and Game Headquarters I was able to get the last names of the lucky winners of the Deer and Elk Super tag drawing that was held today at 10 a.m.  The winners of the deer super tags are as follows:

 Dave Posey, Jones, Anderson, Reoloffs, Demar, Santucci, Hedrick, Bell

 They only gave me the last names so far, but tomorrow I will get full names and cities of the winners.   I know One winner is Dave Posey because he called me as soon as he got the call from the Fish and Game.  I have known Dave for the past 12 years as he has been one of my neighbors.  Congrats Dave on the Tag, you are in for a great season so start getting in shape!  Santucci, if it is the Ron Santucci that had the tag a few years ago,  I know where he will be hunting!  Congrats Ron, if indeed it is you. We will find out tomorrow and will have to reminisce about that landowner that chased off the deer you were going to shoot last time and shot it for himself.

As for elk the winners were:

Roth, Sean Burch, Nell, Griffiths, Moser, Cloud, Caywood, Wassell.

Sean Burch, now that is a surprise.  He has drawn three Super tags in as many years.  Sean definitely has his priorities straight and those priorities are drawing super tags.  Good luck to Sean, I hope he anchors a monster.

If your last name was not mentioned you always have the regular draw which will be out on the first of next month.

Good luck to all those that have drawn the tag of a lifetime.



Here is the updated info on the Super Hunt- drawing held June 15th, 2009


Brett Harris                    Pocatello Idaho               Super combination winner

David Posey                   Meridian Idaho                               Deer

Jack Jones                       Burley Idaho                                   Deer

Joshua Anderson          Folsom Cali.                                   Deer

Arie Roeloffs                   Wendell Id.                                     Deer

Chaun Demars               Becker Minn.                                 Deer

Ron Santucci                     Eagle  Id.                                      Deer

Bryan Hedrick             Santa Paula Cali.                            Deer

Matt Bell                      Snoquaimie Wash.                          Deer

Jon Roth                         Middleton Id.                                  Elk

Sean Burch                       Nampa Id.                                      Elk

Philip Nell                     Hanover Penn.                                Elk

Collin Griffiths               Missuula Mt.                                  Elk

Steven Moser               New Plymouth Id.                            Elk

Levi Cloud                           Napa Cali.                                   Elk

Mark Caywood                  Hailey Id.                                     Elk

Jeremy Wassell               Lewiston Id.                                  Elk

Kyle Poppleton               Twin Falls Id.                            Antilope

Ryan Turpin                      Meridian Id.                             Antilope

Lonnie Austin                  Princeton Id.                             Antilope

Larry Hoff                         Middleton Id.                            Antilope

Michael King                     Rexburg Id.                              Antilope

John Robinson                    Kuna Id.                                 Antilope

Gerald Young                  West Point Cali.                        Antilope

Cameron Oler                   Twin Falls Id.                           Antilope

Mark Cornelius         Kingstown Tasmania                     Moose



2 Responses to “Idaho Super Tag Drawing”
  1. Ron Santucci says:

    Steve – I have been reading Mule Deer County, great site! That call from Fish and Game on Monday letting me know I drew the Super Tag was the best call I’ve had in three years! October can’t come soon enough.

    I would love to get in touch with you and get your expert opinion on a few things for this coming season. It’s great to have your experience so close to home.

    I’m looking forward to a great hunt this year. Desert Mule Deer in Idaho, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

    -Ron Santucci

  2. admin says:

    Hey Ron

    Thanks for supporting the site. We really appreciate it. Congrats on the tag. I can’t wait until next weekend to start some serious scouting. That phone call is a rush of adrenaline isn’t it? I will chat with you later. Good luck getting much sleep between now and October.


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