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This is a new web series for Mule Deer Country.  This will be a behind the scenes of what we are currently working on.  It will be bi-weekly and will be all outdoors action.  From how to’s,  product reviews, interviews and just great hunting experiences.  Let us know what you want to see…..

Sonoran Monsters

Check out these high fenced mule deer out of Sonora Mexico. They are a couple giants………

” The Mule Deer Minute”  Webisode #9

Go with the crew of Creekside Productions as We film the largest non-typical ever caught on film in Idaho. A 265 gross inch monster mule deer. A 14 x 15 that stretches the tape at 34 inches wide. Thanks for joining us on webisode #9 of the “Mule Deer Minute” here on Mule Deer Country.

“The Mule Deer Minute” Webisode #8

Come with the crew of Creekside Productions as we film Justin Wiggs harvest a buck of a life time. Justin makes harvesting a 213 inch mule deer look easy. Thanks for joining us on “the Mule Deer Minute,” Webisode #8.

the “Mule Deer Minute”  Webisode #7

Go with Russ Meyer as he has a three yard encounter and harvest an awesome 197 inch non-typical mule deer with his Hoyt bow.  This is webisode #7 of the “Mule Deer Minute”  Brought to you by Hoyt

Go with archery hunter Russ Meyer as he has a three yard encounter and harvest his monster buck at a mere eight teen yards with his Hoyt Bow. Russ is an accomplished archery hunter, with many trophies on his wall. However, this is the one that he is the most fond of and you see why.

Russ Meyer and his hard earned archery buck! Go with Russ as he has a three yard encounter and harvests an awesome 197 in non-typical mule deer.

MULE DEER COUNTRY   “antler junkies”

Buy it now!  It is in the store….


I just watched your latest video, Karma.  It’s awesome.  That stalk on your Idaho muley is some of the best footage I’ve seen.  I moved to Meridian a year ago from Logan, UT and am having a blast getting to know the area and learning all I can about the opportunity Boise has.  One of my best friends is big into videoagraphy and actually interested in putting out a DVD in the future.  I’m curious if you would be open to looking at some of his stuff and giving us your opinion and any advice.  He has been filming for years and has some incredible footage from all over the west, Midwest, Canada, and Alaska.

I live in Meridian and could drop a few DVD’s off sometime if you’re open to it.

Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of us hunters and our muleys here in Idaho.

Brady Murray, CFP ®

Associate Manager-Mt. West Boise

the “Mule Deer Minute” Webisode #5

5th in the”Mule Deer Minute” series. This time go back in the archives once again to 2001 and Lowland Mulies 2. In this webisode Aaron Howell Harvest a brusier 261 inch non-typical buck on teh Jicarilla indian reservation in New mexico. It is thte largest shot off the Jicarilla in over 40 years and the largest harvested in New Mexico in over 2 decades. WEBISODE #5, the “Mule Deer Minute” 7-8-2209

Hello Steve,
I just received your fantastic DVD Antler Junkies Karma. The best muley video I’ve ever seen.
You processed my order and I receiverd it in unbelievable time.
Thank you and congratulations on your success in taking such incredible trophies. You are an inspiration.
I’ve tried for years to draw a unit 45 tag in Idaho , I’ll keep on trying, maybe someday….

I am in the process of building a new trophy room and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful fireplace you have in the video. Would it at all be possible for you to send me a photograph of it? I’d love to have my contractor build me one just like it.

I would really appreciate your help.

Anyway, thanks again for producing such an inspirational video.


Harry Fitzpatrick

(HunterHarry from MonsterMuleys)

the  “Mule Deer Minute”  Webisode #4


This is our fourth in the series of the “Mule Deer Minute”  In this webisode we take you, to what I think hunting is all about, “friendships”  Come along with Mike Weeks as he hunts the Southern region here in Idaho.  Watch as Mike misses a 200 inch class buck, but takes home the memories of having his bottom handed to him.  That’s right Mike, you went home to think about your butt kickin’.  Enjoy what hunting and getting outdoors is all about, having fun.  WEBISODE #4, 7-3-2009

“the Mule Deer Minute”  webisode #3


This is our 3rd in the series “the Mule Deer Minute” In this webisode go back in the Lowland Mulies archives to the most extreme buck fight ever filmed.  Jerry Martin shot this video on his High 8 cam.  Footage that has a lot of action is difficult to compress, so I apologize for the lack of quality.  Nonetheless, you will enjoy this webisode.

“the Mule Deer Minute”  webisode #2


This is our second webisode in the series here at Mule Deer Country.  In this webisode we go back in the archives and go on a hunt with Teri Crone as she harvest a spectacular mule deer, breaking the 200 inch mark typically.  WEBISODE 2-2009MDC

The “Mule Deer Minute”   episode  #1


This is our first in a bi-weekly series here on Mule Deer Country.  EPISODE 1-2009MDC

In this episode we breaking in our new Hoyts.  The AlphaMax is unleashed on some whistle pigs.

Following episodes to come will consist of anything that has to do with hunting in mule deer country.  From hunts of the past to hunts not seen before.  From product reviews to tips of the trade, nothing will be left out.  If there is anything you would like to see, let us know!  Thanks for watching





2 Responses to “the “Mule Deer Minute” Hunting Webisodes”
  1. Buck says:

    I have to agree with Brady, that footage was awesome. I also love the way you guys run the hunts together. Do you do all of your own videos or does an editing firm handle that for you? Great Job!!

  2. admin says:


    The cool part about these webisodes is that over half of these deer are on general hunts here in Idaho! As a matter of fact, the largest one, “lucky 13” is a unit 39 buck. Yep thats right, an over the counter tag. Unit 45 has some great deer, but it is not as good as one would think. The deer are there it is just a tough hunt, with lots of private property issues to deal with. You can harvest a 180 buck in most of Idahos units if you put your time in and or get lucky. As for putting in for a second choice, don’t waste your time. All of the quality controlled hunts fill up with first choice applicants. That is unless you want a doe tag you can draw one of them on your second choice. Idaho is not like the other states were they draw names, Idaho draws units. If that makes sense to you. Thanks for the response and good luck to you on your quest of a monster deer!


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